• We manufacture and distribute customised wipes.
  • Our customers are wholesalers, distributors, retailers and food manufacturers.
  • We continually improve our quality standards to put a smile on our customers face.
  • At Counterpoint we nurture thinking people who eagerly develop effective processes.
  • We are recognized by all stakeholders as a reference for excellence.
  • We keep our promise.
  • We solve problems.
  • We care.
  • We are proud of making good products.
  • We celebrate together.


Wim Van Herzeele

Ruben Van Wambeke

- COO -

- CFO -

  • Born: 1971-09-15
  • Born in South Africa Schooled in Johannesburg, moved to Kwa-Zulu Natal in 1989 and did a Post Matric at Hilton College.
  • Studied BSc Mechanical Engineering, finished in 1993. Moved to Ladysmith to work with Charles van Herzeele (Father) in a family business.
  • Studied towards an MBA in 1999, completed first year and took a year break to compete in Camel Trophy that he and his partner won in 2000. Completed second year theory of MBA in 2001 but did not complete the dissertation. Acquired through this an Advance Business Management diploma.
  • Left the family business in 2002 and joined a supplier (Branson Marketing) to start trading in textile raw materials. Stayed with Branson Marketing for 4 years. Founder of Counterpoint PTY ltd.
  • Avid sportsman, has done 23 Duzi’s. Enjoys sports of any kind.
  • Married for 20 years, has two children: Benjamin 16 yrs and Adam 14 years old.
  • Boys are at Waterfall college and Kearsney College.
  • Wim is 100% invested in all he does, Family, Business, Sports, Community and Church.
  • Born; 09-08-1977
  • Born In Belgium and moved to South Africa 16 years ago, currently on extended work permit, filed for permanent residence permit @ home affairs. Currently married to South African for 13 years.
  • Studied textiles post matric in Belgium, followed by business marketing degree in Strasburg France.
  • Gathered extensive business skills in following countries / departments :
  • South America Chilli 3 months / carpet wholesale imports / General assistance management
  • South America Argentina 3 months / carpet wholesale imports / General assistance management France 2 years wholesale / import business / assistant buyer
  • Belgium Domo International 6 months/ Sales Manager France
  • Etri Belgium 5 years / Sales and business development manager, content / data Distribution
  • Founder of Counterpoint Trading Pty Ltd
  • Been married for 13 years and happy father of a 11-year-old daughter Mila Augustine and a 7-year-old son Alesso Noel
  • Enjoys the good things in life, family, friends, food, wine, gadgets, love’s travelling to Europe.
  • Impatient and passionate, tenacious, strong willed are a couple of words that would encompass Ruben.